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Nursing Implications

Nursing Implications to the APN roleWrite a one-half page abstract, using scientif… 

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Write a one-half page abstract, using scientific articles that is attach. The abstract shall highlight the salient points in the article and comply with APA format and style. The abstract should contain

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Nursing Implications
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Purpose of the article

Results/ Conclusion

Nursing Implications to the APN roleDocument Preview:

Hospital Topics,92(4):96–104,2014 C Copyright Taylor&FrancisGroup,LLC ISSN:0018-5868print /1939-9278online DOI:10.1080/00185868.2014.968493 Quality Improvement in Healthcare Delivery Utilizing the Patient-Centered Medical Home Model FEVZI AKINCI and POONAM M. PATEL Abstract. Despite the fact that the United States dedicates so The changing landscape of the U.S. health- much of its resources to healthcare, the current healthcare de- livery system still faces signi?cant quality challenges. The lack care delivery system involves alternative of effective communication and coordination of care services Tforms of patient care to best meet patient across the continuum of care poses disadvantages for those re- needs. When the delivery system is viewed glob- quiring long-term management of their chronic conditions. ally in the status quo we see issues of decentral- This is why the new transformation in healthcare known as the patient-centered medical home (PCMH) can help restore ization, fragmentation, and ineffective care, which con?dence in our population that the healthcare services they leave patients suffering while also losing faith in receive is of the utmost quality and will effectively enhance thehealthcaresystem(Majette2009).TheInstitute their quality of life. Healthcare using the PCMH model is de- liveredwiththepatientatthecenterofthetransformationand of Medicine (2001) further elaborates on the un- by reinvigorating primary care. The PCMH model strives to derlying causes of poor quality of care to include deliver effective quality care while attempting to reduce costs. that the United States has a poorly organized de- In order to relieve some of our healthcare system distresses, organizations can modify their delivery of care to be patient liverysystem.TheInstituteofMedicine(Commit- centered. Enhanced coordination of services, better provider tee on Quality of Health Care in America, Insti- access, self-management, and a team-based approach to care tute of…

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