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Nursing implications to the (APN) Advance Practice Nurse role

Write a one-half to one-page abstract for each of 18 scientific articles pertaining to… 

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Please don’t use any source apart from this article.

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Nursing implications to the (APN) Advance Practice Nurse role
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Write a one-half to one-page abstract for each of 18 scientific articles pertaining to the content outline for the course. Include a reference bibliography of at least 3 articles on the topic from the scholarly nursing journals. The articles must be from professional scientific journals and should be research-based if possible. Each abstract shall highlight the salient points in the article and comply with APA format and style. The abstracts are worth 360 points for all 18. use my article only to write the paper, the topic for the paper is Aging population and their health challenges ,

2. The purpose of the article,

3 Conclusion,

Nursing implications to the (APN) Advance Practice Nurse role.Document Preview:

News The health-care challenges posed by population ageing Shrinking fertility rates and longer lives are changing the demographic landscape of countries worldwide, challenging not only the way we think about how to fund care for older people, but attitudes to ageing itself. Gary Humphreys reports. The population of Thailand is getting childbirth but also getting more control relatives. In Thailand, for example, as old. According to Viroj Tangcharoen- over their fertility,” he says. But while in many other developing countries, sathien, senior adviser of Thailand’s that is certainly true, Thailand’s ageing children are by far the most common International Health Policy Programme, population also represents an enormous source of income for the older people, at the present time, just under 11% of challenge. And Thailand is not the only and expectations of filial support in old the Thai population is over 60 years of victim of success, a fact confirmed by a age are shared widely by the current age and the trend is rapidly rising. “The recent report submitted to the United generation of adults. Given the impor- proportion of older persons in the total Nations Human Rights Council stating tance of family for providing or helping population is expected to reach 14% in that the 60-years-and-plus population is with long-term care for the elderly, and 2015, 19.8% in 2025 and nearly 30% the fastest growing of all demographic the fact that as a resource this is rapidly by 2050,” he says. Driving the trend is segments. The report, submitted by shrinking, what can governments do to a combination of falling fertility rates Anand Grover, special rapporteur on the avoid a catastrophic break-down in elder (thanks in part to government provi- right to the highest standard of mental care in the coming decades? sion of family planning services) and and physical health, in July last year In Thailand, the government has improvements in health especially of states…

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