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health assessement assingment

this is 1500 words assignment worth 40 marks. I am bachelor in nursing student, this assignment is about health assessment.any question related assessment please let me know before you start the assignment.thank youDocument Preview:

Guide for Assessment 2 essay Preparation beforehand Construct a concept map based on the information you collected. Identify the issues in order of priority and write in paragraph style about each identified issue. One: Identify the person ? Understand the background of the person ? Understand all the details provided about the person ? Clarify all the symptoms, identified problems and diagnoses so you understand who you are dealing with and what problems they may have Two: Understand the pathophysiology of the diagnoses and the pharmacological Principles of the medications the person is on ? Review the normal physiology of the body systems involved in the various diagnoses. ? Review the pathophysiology related to the diagnoses so you understand the variation from normal ? Identify the purpose of the medications in relation to the diagnoses ? Understand the effect of the medication on the pathophysiology of the diagnoses Three: Assessment ? Identify all the domains of health to be assessed remember to use Gordon’s health assessment framework (see attached document) : physical, psychological, social, cultural, spiritual, intellectual and other domains you may identify ? Identify the information required to plan care for this client’s specific problems Four: Essay writing Now begin your essay: Make sure you use Gordon’s framework to set out the body of your test and to: ? Discuss the focus of care and ? give the reason why you have chosen such a focus based on the data identified. Make sure you attach all your assessment; and concept map as an appendix to show your critical thinking skills. Health Assessment Essay: Case study (1500 words) Identify Annie’s Health history data (using Gordon’s functional patterns as a framework) and her physical assessment data. Discuss your plan of care based on the data identified. Forty four year old Annie has presented to ED complaining of excruciating, increasing pain in her right big toe for the last two days. She says it…

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health assessement assingment
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