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How will the care delivery system accommodate the influx of new “customers”?

This course which I am taking this semester is an online course. The name of this course is Emerging Issues in the health of the Nation. I have TWO questions which I need an expert to answer them. The two questions are posted in the blackboard by the professor. The professor posted THREE materials on the blackboard for these questions and here are the materials:
THE DISCUSSION QUESTION #1:Based on what you havegathered from the class readings and video, what do you think the health care landscape will look like in the year 2020 with Health Care Reform? In your answer, I would like you to think about how people will receive care, who is providing the care, the quality of the services delivered, health care as a percentage of the gross domestic product, etc. In your answer you can focus on your current career/educational area such as nursing, gerontology, IT, etc. or provide a high level view. Please ensure your responses are at least 200 words.

For the Week 2 Discussion Question 1, you were asked to provide a macro view of the future of health care with the advent of Health Reform. In this question I would like you to focus on the Individual Mandate Reform. This is not a political debate regarding the Supreme Court’s decision, rather I want you to approach the questions from the perspective that we will have millions more American citizens who are now insured. Specifically, I would like you to discuss how the Individual Mandate will shape the health status of the country as a whole.

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How will the care delivery system accommodate the influx of new “customers”?
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Questions to ponder include:

  • Do you think there will be an impact on chronic disease (possible decrease)?
  • Will there be enough providers to care for the newly insured?
  • Will hospitals have an increase or decrease in the number of admissions?
  • How will the care delivery system accommodate the influx of new “customers”?
  • Will insurance companies be able to offer individual coverage for the long term?

Take some time to think about the questions. Think back to other classes you may have had in economics, health policy, ethics or political science. I am seeking responses based on the law (Health Reform) as it is currently written. Please refer back to the text in the readings or reference other materials to support your post of 200-400 words.

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