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Nursing – Missed Care – Accountability

Nursing – Missed Care – Accountability – Nursing Essay Writing Assignment Help TASK Critically… 

Nursing – Missed Care – Accountability – Nursing   Essay Writing Assignment Help


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Nursing – Missed Care – Accountability
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Critically discuss if “missed care” is an important issue in the nursing literature and explain how it relates to a nurse’s accountability and 
responsibility. Use the current literature and the NMBA codes and standards to support your discussion. 
This scenario below gives you an example of the type of missed care that can occur in the clinical setting. The scenario has been given purely for your understanding of  “missed care”  and how it can happen, and you do not need to refer to the scenario in your essay. 
Registered nurse, Jane, says to a newly graduated nurse: “The working environment for nurses is really busy and nurse can’t be expected to deliver all the care in their shift. Sometimes I just attend to the most important jobs such as medication administration and wound dressings and leave the ‘little things’ to the next nurse as they may not be as busy as me.  It’s Okay. All the nurses do it; no one will say anything to you about missing care. Anyway, if you sign off that it has been completed, no one will ever know”.

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