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Advanced Practice Nursing Decisions that Cause Moral Distress

Advanced Practice Nursing Decisions that Cause Moral Distress Choose an ethical-legal. 

dq 1

Topic 1: Advanced Practice Nursing Decisions that Cause Moral Distress

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Advanced Practice Nursing Decisions that Cause Moral Distress
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Choose an ethical-legal dilemma that would cause the advanced practice nurse moral distress. The dilemma could be one you have faced in your practice. Write at least the introductory paragraphs for the Unit 4 Assignment. Be specific about the dilemma — something you may have experienced in your practice. Outline the topics that will be discussed in the Unit 4 Assignment using level one APA headings.

Use the APA template provided in the class for this paper. It is on the left navigation tab and is set up for all papers in APA format. Place the beginning of your paper in the Discussion Board for all to read and critique.

After receiving feedback from your peers and instructor, work on refining the paper to submit in Unit 4. Choose someone to peer review that does not have feedback.

Cite and reference at least three nursing peer reviewed articles to support the content in the paragraph. In the final Assignment, you will have a minimum of seven references relating to legal and ethical issues.

Chapter 16, titled Effective Peer Reviews, in the Kaplan Guide to Successful Writing handbook explains the importance of conducting peer reviews (critiques), how to conduct the peer review, and how to help your classmates and the reviewer achieve an improved learning experience.

Review pages 213–219 of Kaplan Guide to Successful Writing.

dq 2

Topic 2: Evaluation of Ethical Models and the Ethics Committee

You identified an ethical dilemma in Discussion topic 1 of this unit. Present your dilemma to the ethics committee of your institution. Outline an ethical theory or model you wish the committee to consider when reviewing this case. What arguments do you have to support the use of this model? Discuss the role of the ethics committee in this particular ethical dilemma.

Unit 2 Group Assignment — Not Graded

MN506: Contract for Group Project, Unit 2 Assignment — not graded

Work on the “Contract for Group Project” template with your team.

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