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Write a paper on major depressive disorder

Question Description

6 pages, APA Format. Follow this guidelines

Psychosocial Nursing Course Project Guidelines

Discuss the characteristics of your specific mental health concern. Define the mental health condition.

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Write a paper on major depressive disorder
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  • Describe the signs and symptoms. Give examples.
  • What are the effects on work, family and social functioning?
  • What are some of the legal and ethical concerns surrounding this condition, such as competency, consent, right to treatment and commitment?

Discuss the variety of treatment options for a patient with this mental health concern, including therapies, medication, and nursing interventions.

  • Describe therapies that are commonly used.
  • Discuss the medications commonly used, effects, side effects.
  • Include nursing interventions that can be used.

Discuss the nurse-client relationship in caring for a person with this specific mental health condition and how it may vary from other areas of nursing.

  • Include ethical concerns that may arise in caring for the patient.
  • Discuss maintaining appropriate boundaries in the relationship.
  • Describe how the work of one nursing theorist can be helpful in caring for this client and designing appropriate interventions.

Discuss your personal feelings about caring for a client with this mental health concern.

  • What are your concerns?
  • How do you maintain personal safety and client safety in the case of decompensation? What are the goals for this client?
  • Are you interested in working with clients with this specific mental health concern and why?

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