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Explain the difference between modern day nursing education and hospital based training model.

Please find the questions for my assessment, this is my first one and l need help as l am still trying to figure around writing academically. Its due 7th November 
Please limit answers to 100 words per question and for my sake just use basic English 
Referencing is Harvard System(which l am still not sure how to do it) 
Thank you 
1a, Explain the difference between modern day nursing education and hospital based training model. 
b, When did the Diploma of Nursing become the nationally recognised entry level qualification for Enrolled nurses in Australia? Why did this occur? 
2a, Discuss two primary health care and strategies which aim to combat health issues such as poor nutrition , diabetes ,obesity, or tobacco smoking in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities. 
b, What are some of the challenges that may need to be overcome in order for these strategies to work effectively? 
3a,if a patient is from a low socio economic background hoe might this affect their health and wellbeing? 
b, Explain how cultural factors impact on clients in the health care environment and affect views about health and illness. 
4a,Describe the following professional nursing bodies: 
-Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia 
-Australia Nursing and Midwifery Federation 
-Australian College of Nursing/Royal College of Nursing Australia 
-Australian Nursing and Midwifery Accreditation Council 
b, Explain the importance of occupational health and safety considerations for professional nursing practice in the healthcare environment. 
5a, Explain how Enrolled Nurses can ensure that a legal and ethical aspects are duly considered when providing care for a young person with moderate intellectual disability. 
b, Explain how Enrolled Nurses can provide appropriate support to a client and their family when they are dealing with death and dying. 
6a,Describe the roles and responsibilities of an Enrolled Nurse within the multidisciplinary healthcare team in the following healthcare environments: 
-aged care setting 
-acute care setting 
b, In your own words briefly explain the purpose of the following documents: 
-National Competency Standards for the Enrolled Nurse (ANMC,2002) 
-Code of Ethics for Nurses (ANMAC,2008) 
-Code of Professional Conduct for Nurses(ANMAC,2008) 
7a, List four types of continual professional development (CPD)activities that Enrolled Nurses might complete in order to update or develop their skills. 
b, Explain how the following may be used to assist Enrolled Nurses with improving their professional practice 
-Professional portfolio 
-Reflective journal 
-Performance review 
8a, Name four sources of areas of employment opportunities for Enrolled Nurses in the contemporary health care environment. 
b, What does an Enrolled Nurse need to do to prepare for a job interview (e.g. what materials might they need to prepare) 
9a, Give two examples of when you need to refer to the Nursing practice Decision Flowchart(ANMC,2007) before proceeding with nursing care .Explain how it can be used in each. 
b ,In you own words, briefly explain what is meant by scope of practise as an Enrolled Nurse . 
10a, What are four types of health records that nurses regularly use to communicate client information to the healthcare team ?How are they each used? 
b, In your own words, briefly explain the meaning of a holistic and consumer or client-centred approach to healthcare in the contemporary Australian healthcare system.

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Explain the difference between modern day nursing education and hospital based training model.
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