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Nursing class. Veterans health.​ Reflection Forum help

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Hi Tutors!

Pls help with reflection forum. Let me know if you need additions information..

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Nursing class. Veterans health.​ Reflection Forum help
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Reflection Forum

Look through the objectives, learning modules, readings and assignments and answer the following questions.

1. Describe three areas of learning about caring for veterans that were most significant for you. Explain.

2. What are some actions that you might take in the care of veterans that would ensure cultural sensitivity in the care of veterans?

3. How has your thinking changed on caring for veterans as a result of this course?

4. What was introduced in this course that you think you need to know more about to better your practice?

5. What insights have you already shared with friends or colleagues, or actions have you already taken based on your insights, to improve veteran care?

6. How could you use the concepts learned in this course to lead change, and promote health for veterans?


  • Thoughtful and meaningful answers to each question
  • 400-550 words

Remember, this is a Reflection Forum. Think of it as an electronic journal. Be as open as you are willing to be with your professor and your classmates, as your sharing will help others reflect on their own thoughts and experiences. Reflection Forums are graded on providing a thoughtful and meaningful answer to each question. Responses to classmates are encouraged but not required.

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