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Nursing Research, health and medicine homework help

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Inferential Statistics 

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Nursing Research, health and medicine homework help
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Use a quantitative study, other than a descriptive design; because you will need to use the inferential statistical test and results. 

Inferential statistical tests, which includes descriptive and advanced statistics, are used to answer the research question. The TDfocuses on the  inferential statistical tests used to answer the research question. Concentrate on study results, verses statistical results that describe the study sample.

State the research question from a selected research study (Spread of disease among homeless population). Keep in mind the verb/s in the research question should appropriately support the statistical tests used in data analysis. 
Describe the inferential tests used in the study (in other words, t-tests, chi-squares, ANOVA, multiple logistic regression, etc.) to answer the research question.The inferential test was used to examine what? 
Describe the significant statistic, such as p-value, used to determine statistical significance. What are the study results? Were the study results statistically significant? How do you interpret the results? 
Are statistically significant findings also clinically significant? Describe the clinical significance of the study findings. Compare the statistically significant results with the clinically significant results.
What were the study recommendations? What different recommendations would you offer relative to research and to nursing practice? Use specific examples 

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