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Personal philosophy of nursing before and after.

Question Description

What was your philosophy of nursing practice when you first enrolled in the BSN program?

(When I enrolled in the BSN program I did not know what a nursing philosophy was or what I believed my nursing philosophy to be. All I really knew was that I enjoyed working with patients, as I have been a Medical Assistant for 10 years and I have always wanted to work in a profession where I could use my skills, compassion and knowledge to help people in their time of need and vulnerability.)

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Personal philosophy of nursing before and after.
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What is your philosophy of nursing now?

How has this experienced prepared you for your next step in your career?

This Discussion question should be minimum 4 paragraphs in length and supported by a minimum of 2 peer reviewed sources. In-text citations and References page will be required to be in APA 6th edition standards. 

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