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I need the following questions answered in about 150 words eachDQ-1Review “Criticism and Judgment: A Critical Look at Scientific Peer Review,” located in topic materials.Discuss the importance of incorporating feedback from a peer review process and dealing with the experience of uncertainty it may create for both the author and the reviewer. You may share whatever information from your peer review that you are comfortable sharing.Why is peer review so important and how can we use peer review or the professional critique offered to us to improve our scholarly position?RESOURCESHope, A. A., & Munro, C. L. (2019). Criticism and judgment: A critical look at scientific peer review. American Journal of Critical Care, 28(4), 242–245.URL: “Privacy & Health Research in a Data-Driven World” located in topic materials.After viewing the video, discuss how you plan to protect your patient’s privacy within your project.RESOURCESView “Privacy & Health Research in a Data-Driven World,” located on the NIH Videocasting website.URL: “Why Causal Inference Matters to Nurses: The Case of Nurse Staffing and Patient Outcomes,” located in topic materials.How would you define and imply causal inference relative to your quasi-experimental designed project and separate it from bias and other factors that may influence it?RESOURCESCosta, D. K., & Yakusheva, O. (2016). Why causal inference matters to nurses: The case of nurse staffing and patient outcomes. Online Journal of Issues in Nursing, 21(2), 1. “Information Bias in Health Research: Definition, Pitfalls, and Adjustment Methods,” located in topic materials.Using your project proposal, provide an example of each of the types of errors described in the article.RESOURCESAlthubaiti, A. (2016). Information bias in health research: Definition, pitfalls, and adjustment methods. Journal of Multidisciplinary Healthcare, 2016(1), 211–217. your process of data collection and how you will maintain patient privacy during your intervention. How can the Christian worldview of carrying out work within the public arena with compassion, justice, and concern for the common good affect data collection and patient privacy?DQ-6Review “Lies, Damned Lies and Statistics: Clinical Importance Versus Statistical Significance in Research,” located in topic materials.Provide examples of how you addressed feasibility and statistical versus clinical significance in your proposal. For example, why did you select a four-week time frame for your project versus a power analysis? Did you select this because it was feasible? Why or why not and explain.What is the difference between clinical and statistical significance and why are both important to the patient improvement outcomes of your project?RESOURCESMellis, C. (2018). Lies, damned lies and statistics: Clinical importance versus statistical significance in research. Paediatric Respiratory Reviews, 25, 88–93. “How to Make APA Format Tables and Figures Using Microsoft Word,” located in topic materials. Create a table of your proposed analysis including descriptive data in a Word document. Upload it to the discussion forum.RESOURCESATTACHED

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