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A person centered approaches and services user involvement in health and social care

Part 1 – Assignment Brief:1. Produce a critical and evaluative essay on service user involvement.2. Reference should be made to theoretical concepts of service user involvement, with a critical evaluation of its impact on delivery/development of care services.3. Articulate the person-centred approach in health and social care and critically appraise its importance for service providers.4. Make links with and critically analyse themes/theory of power and empowerment throughout this essay.In addition, the marking tutor will be looking for evidence of the following:· Does the essay cover the main points of the topic logically?· Is the essay presented in an appropriate context?· Is the essay coherent and well-structured?· Is there evidence of personal research in relation to the topic beyond material covered in class?· Is there evidence of understanding of the topic?Part 2:Assessment Number2Assessment Type (and weighting)15-20 mins Oral assessment –   Presentation (30%)Assessment NamePerson Centred Approach – A Case StudyAssessment Submission DatePrinted and   electronic copy of presentation submitted to tutor on dayLearning Outcomes Assessed:LO4: Recommend, justify and   discuss appropriate strategies to implement aperson centred approach with reference to a specific experience / casestudyPart 2 – Assignment Brief:Please use the oral assessment format provided for the development of your case studyPresentation1. You are required to deliver a presentation using a specific experience or casestudy2. You are required to collate and analyse information from scholarly and nonscholarly materialsYour presentation will address the following criteria:• Introduce your case study• Justify why it is important to implement a person centred approach in case of interest interest• Discuss approach service user involvement strategies that relate and underpin the identified case study• Consider the recommendations for practice, for a person centred approach, relevant to case study• Draw some conclusions

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A person centered approaches and services user involvement in health and social care
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