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Nursing Sampling Methods

Create an original posting with a minimum of 300 words.Back up your arguments with reliable evidence.Sampling MethodsInstructions:Please find an experimental or quasi-experimental or descriptive article you wild like to use for the article critique assignment.  Make sure it is from a nursing journal and is not older than five years. on a topic of your interest.Review the article and provide a summary of the article, and answer the following questions:Discuss whether you think the article is true-experimental, quasi-experimental, or no experimental. You must also state what type of quantitative design (descriptive, correlational, etc.)Where was the setting of the study?What are the sampling methods?  Does the sample reflect the population (representativeness)?  What about sample size?  What was the risk of sampling error in the study?  Did the author acknowledge the sample criteria?  Inclusion or exclusion?What are the variables being measured?What data collections methods were used?What is the intervention?

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Nursing Sampling Methods
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