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Homework history

Suppose you were asked to create a time capsule that would show people in the future what life was like for civilizations we have covered in this course.  What would you include and why?For this assignment, you will create a 14-slide Powerpoint presentation.  In it, you will include the following:A title page which includes your presentation’s title, your name and class title6 ‘items’ for your capsule. For each item, you will include a slide with a picture of the artifact and a short description identifying it, then a slide which briefly explains something about the artifact and the culture/era/topic it representsA Works Cited page – this one need only show the cites where you found your graphics/information. No other information need be included.Submit through Blackboard.You will be graded on originality, creativity and accuracy of information.An example of an artifact/summary are included in this module.

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Homework history
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