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Marginalized women

Requirements:Read the following article, which can be found in the Chamberlain library:Prodan‐Bhalla, N., & Browne, A. J. (2019). Exploring women’s health care experiences through an equity lens: Findings from a community clinic serving marginalised women. Journal of clinical nursing, 28(19-20), 3459-3469. your initial discussion post, respond to the discussion questions listed below and support your responses with at least one evidence-based reference (other than the assigned article) by Wed., 11:59pm MT.Respond to at least one peer and all faculty questions directed at you, using at least one evidence-based reference, before Sat., 11:59 pm MT.Discussion Questions:As an advanced practice nurse, what are three actions you can take to mitigate social impacts to marginalized women?What role does policy at either government, state, or local level play in the marginalization of women and child bearing families?Identify one policy that impacts marginalized groups (include whether the policy is at the federal, state, or local level).Discuss how policy impacts marginalized group either positively or negatively.Discussion Guiding PrinciplesThe ideas and beliefs underpinning the discussions guide students through engaging dialogues as they achieve the desired learning outcomes/competencies associated with their course in a manner that empowers them to organize, integrate, apply and critically appraise their knowledge to their selected field of practice. The use of discussions provides students with opportunities to contribute level-appropriate knowledge and experience to the topic in a safe, caring, and fluid environment that models professional and social interaction. The ebb and flow of a discussion is based upon the composition of student and faculty interaction in the quest for relevant scholarship. Participation in the discussion generates opportunities for students to actively engage in the written ideas of others by carefully reading, researching, reflecting, and responding to the contributions of their peers and course faculty. Discussions foster the development of members into a community of learners as they share ideas and inquiries, consider perspectives that may be different from their own, and integrate knowledge from other disciplines.Direct QuotesGood writing calls for the limited use of direct quotes. Direct quotes in discussions are to be limited to one short quotation (not to exceed 15 words). The quote must add substantively to the discussion. Points will be deducted under the grammar, syntax, APA category.

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Marginalized women
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