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Week 1: National Practice Problem Exploration

Week 1: National Practice Problem ExplorationEvidence translation begins with the identification of a problem or concern. Reflect upon the eight national practice problems presented in the Global Burden of Disease Research. Select one of the practice problems to address the following.· From a global/nationwide perspective, how does the selected practice problem impact nurses, nursing care, healthcare organizations, and the quality of care being provided?· Identify the national level key stakeholders who are affected by the practice problem and stakeholders involved in resolution.· Are clinical practice guidelines used to address this problem? Why or why not? If used, provide a brief overview of the CPG. If a CPG is not used, propose an intervention that could be implemented on a national scale to address the problem.APA FormateI NEED A COMMENT FOR THIS POST WITH AT LEAST TWO PAGE ( 4-6  PARAGRAPH AND  SOURCES NO LATER THAN FIVE YEARS

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Week 1: National Practice Problem Exploration
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