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Interpersonal Psychotherapy

Assignment-Interpersonal PsychotherapyUsing Yalom’s The Gift of Therapy,  Wheeler’s Psychotherapy for the Advanced Practice Nurse, (Barry and Wheeler) Chapter 9, Interpersonal Psychotherapy, andthe following journal articleMarkowitz & Weissman, Interpersonal Psychotherapy: Past, Present, and Future reading The Wheeler Chapter and the information from Markowitz and Weissman the nurse therapist has knowledge that  Peplau based her theory on the work of Sullivan. Interpret Yalom’s work and how it is applicable for the APRN. Please view the slide information about Peplau’s work below: introduction of your paper should include:Describe the interpersonal psychotherapy occurring in your clinical setting. If this is not occurring, describe how you will incorporate this into practice.This paper should provide an overall reflection of the student’s clinical interpersonal psychotherapy experience and should demonstrate the student’s ability to process a therapeutic session; the student is expected to obtain skills to conduct psychotherapy this semester.  The format of this paper is left to the discretion of the student as long as all requirements are included and APA 7th edition format is followed.  Required readings support your work, however, you should use evidence-based journals and advanced practice nursing literature to inform and support your paper. Citations of references using APA 6th edition style are to support the analyses and interpretation of group dynamics. The paper should be under 20  pages.1.  Provide the setting, population, background information where the individual therapy occurs2. Give case examples that illustrate the use of interpersonal psychotherapy3. Describe the differences in approach when using IPT as compared to psychodynamic psychotherapy and the reason the approach works in this setting.4. Describe the psychiatric issues in your case study and how IPT is helpful5. Describe how the IPT approach compares to Peplau’s Interpersonal Model

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Interpersonal Psychotherapy
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