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Traumatic Brain Injury Care Report – 4 pages

ScenarioThe charge nurse in your clinic has contacted you to assume primary care for a patient and develop a plan for follow-up care. The plan should be personalized for him based on evidence-based research provided by a community expert as well as your own research on the condition. You will also be challenged to determine which aspects of the traumatic brain injury (TBI) approach could be applied to similar situations and patients.Your RoleYou are a nurse who has been requested to provide primary patient care, including a follow-up care plan. You will revisit the interview with the community TBI expert and prepare a personalized health plan for the patient.Review relevant evidence-based research from 3-5 additional scholarly or professional sources about traumatic head injuries to support your evaluation, recommendations, and plans.The following requirements correspond to the grading criteria in the scoring guide, so be sure to address each point:Evaluate the expected outcomes of the population health improvement initiative (PHII) that the community expert reported based on data.Describe the outcomes that were achieved, their positive effects on the community’s health, and any variance across demographic groups.Describe the outcomes that were not achieved, the extent to which they fell short of expectations and any variance across demographic groups.Identify the factors (for example: institutional, community, environmental, resources, communication) that may have contributed to any achievement shortfalls.Propose a strategy for improving the outcomes of the PHII for traumatic head injuries.Describe the corrective measures you would take in the PHII to address the factors that may have contributed to achievement shortfalls.Cite the evidence (from similar projects, research, or professional organization resources) that supports the corrective measures you are proposing.Explain how the evidence illustrates the likelihood of improved outcomes if your proposed strategy is enacted.Develop a personalized patient care plan for the patient from the scenario that incorporates lessons learned from the PHII outcomes.Identify a personalized care approach that addresses the patient’s:Individual health needs.Economic and environmental realities.Culture and family.Explain how the lessons learned from the PHII informed the decisions you made in your personalized care plan for the patient.Incorporate references to the best available evidence from the population health improvement initiative and other relevant sources.Identify the level of evidence and describe the value it brings to personalize care for your patient.Identify the level of evidence for each resource you referenced.Explain why each piece of evidence is valuable and appropriate for the community health issue you are trying to address and for the unique situation of your patient and his family.Propose an evaluation strategy to assess the outcomes of your personalized care approach.Identify measurable criteria that are relevant to your desired outcomes.Explain why the criteria are appropriate and useful measures of success.Determine the specific aspects of your approach that are most likely to be transferable to other individual cases.Additional RequirementsOrganization: Use the following headings for your Traumatic Brain Injury Care Report:Evaluation of Population Health Improvement Initiative (PHII) Outcomes.Strategies for Improving PHII Outcomes.Personalized Evidence-Based Patient Care Plan.Analysis of Evidence.Evaluation Strategy for Personalized Care Approach Outcomes.Application for Other Cases.

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Traumatic Brain Injury Care Report – 4 pages
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