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Concepts of Operations Management to Real-world Situations.

Concepts of Operations Management to Real-world Situations.


Learning Outcome: Develop an operation management plan

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Concepts of Operations Management to Real-world Situations.
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Instructions: For this activity, you will apply the concepts of operations management to real-world situations.


You may wish to develop a business such as a retail sales operation, an online service like tutoring, or maybe a personal service such as lawn care or pet grooming as your business. In writing your paper, you should research and consider at least 4 scholarly sources (i.e. textbooks, scholarly articles from a peer-reviewed journal, etc.) As you write the paper, make sure to address the following topics:

  • Will the business manufacture a product, deliver a service, broker information, offer goods for sale, or distribute goods for others?
  • Will the business offer one product or service, or a range of products and services?
  • Will the company have a bricks-and-mortar presence, or sell strictly over the Web?
  • Will the firm be a large company, a medium-sized enterprise, or a small business?
  • How will you provide /transport the service or product to the consumer?
  • Will there be a need for inventory storage? Concepts of Operations Management to Real-world Situations.
  • Purchasing procedures: Identify the necessary input (raw materials necessary to generate the output, or product). Who will or can you buy the raw materials from? If you are providing a service, what supplies will you need to begin and where will they be purchased from?
  • What accounting and/or purchasing system(s) will you need to accomplish buying either a product line or a service-based business?
  • Quality control procedures: Identify what quality control measures you will use in order to make sure the product or service meets consumer standards.
  • What are the goals of supply chain management in terms of your operations? How will these goals affect your operations?
  • Discuss if you will need to implement a global supply chain management strategy. Why or why not?
  • Identify any suppliers or vendors you plan to utilize and why.
  • Identify and assess whether or not your business will utilize continuous improvement processes or procedures. Why or why not?
  • How would the business adhere to sustainable practice and environmental concerns? Concepts of Operations Management to Real-world Situations.


  1. Refer to the APA 6th edition formatting guide and example in the APA Format Resources tab in the Begin Here section


  1. Minimum of 3 outside references are required (this count does NOT include your textbook)
  2. A total of 2 of the 3 sources must be from academic journals
  3. In-text citations are required – using APA format only (ex: Fall, 2009; or in the case a direct quote: Fall, 2009, p. 56
  4. Do not use footnotes as your citation formatting; use APA style only
  5. Any/all references cited in the reference section must be included in the body copy of your report ~ and vice versa

Length: 5-7 pages of text (this excludes abstract, tables, figures, charts, cover page, references, etc.)+ any additional Media (video, audio type file limit of 5 minutes. ) Concepts of Operations Management to Real-world Situations.

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