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discussion post – Family Nurse Practitioner related

PurposeThe purpose of this assignment is to provide an analysis and synthesis-level evaluation of the factors that influence both contemporary advanced practice nursing and the time-period of transition that occurs within the first year of clinical practice.Activity Learning OutcomesThrough this discussion, the student will demonstrate the ability to:Reflect on the elements of a successful transition from Registered Nurse to Advanced Practice Registered Nurse. (CO 5)Evaluate the patient-centered medical home, value-based payment, and interdisciplinary care models espoused by the Medicare Access and CHIP  Reauthorization Act of 2015 (MACRA) and its’ impact on the quality of  healthcare. (CO 2, 5)Requirements:Part 1: Using Brown and Olshansky’s (1997) model,  describe what interventions you plan to do during your first year of practice to help you navigate the changes described during each phase.Part 2: We are seeing a rapid change in primary care as stakeholders are demanding higher quality healthcare at reduced costs. After reading the Cuenca (2017) and Shi, et al. (2017) articles,  provide a synthesis-level evaluation of how you believe the patient-centered medical home and value-based payment models will: (1)  impact your personal practice as a nurse practitioner, and (2) transform the way primary care is delivered in the United States.Part 3: After reading the AANP (2015) and White, et al. (2017) articles, what are your thoughts on the economic benefits of using nurse practitioners in healthcare practices? How would you respond to this question if asked in a job interview? Support your response in  Part 3 with evidence from the literature.

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discussion post – Family Nurse Practitioner related
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