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Root Cause Analysis (Registered Nurse)

In this written assignment, you will explore a patient incident using root cause analysis.Step 1 Read the scenario.Download and read:Root Cause Analysis Scenario HandoutStep 2 Complete the chart.You have been charged with leading the interprofessional team that will investigate Mr. Jones’s issue. Your analysis should focus on systems and processes, not individual performance.Download and complete:Root Cause Analysis ChartStep 3 Develop a plan of action.Based on your investigation, develop a minimum two-page plan of action, not counting the title or reference page, detailing the recommendations your team makes. Your plan should answer the question “What can be done to prevent a similar incident?”Attach the completed Root Cause Analysis Chart to the end of your paper as an appendix or attach it separately with your assignment.

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Root Cause Analysis (Registered Nurse)
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