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DSM-5 Psychological Disorder Assignment

DSM-5 Psychological Disorder Assignment

You will write a research paper in APA style on a DSM-5 psychological disorder from the course that you are interested in learning more about. Make sure that it is one SPECIFIC disorder from DSM-5 (e.g. major depressive disorder, bipolar disorder, etc) and not a general condition or category of disorders (e.g. depression, bipolar, anxiety, eating disorders). The purpose of the paper is to show that you have adequately researched and understand the disorder, in the areas specified below, using the textbook(s) and other academic material. The research paper will assess how well you can conceptualize, integrate, and apply the information learned in this course. DSM-5 Psychological Disorder Assignment


Part A (15%)

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DSM-5 Psychological Disorder Assignment
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Part A of your paper should include an introduction outlining the topic and the content of the paper, as well as information on etiology of the disorder, DSM-5 diagnostic criteria, and potential for impairment. Use subheadings to denote different sections of the paper.

Part B (15%)

Part B of your paper should include potential treatment methodologies, typical duration of treatment, efficacy of treatments, as well as a conclusion summarizing the main points of the paper. Use subheadings to denote different sections of the paper.

Each of PART A and PART B of the paper should be a maximum of 1000 words (NOT including references but INCLUDING in-text citations). This means that Part A should not exceed 1000 words and Part B should not exceed 1000 words, respectively. Any information that goes beyond this limit will not be read or marked

part a has already been done i need part b for same topic major depresive disorder. DSM-5 Psychological Disorder Assignment

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