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Edu 560 Week 6 Assignment Paper

Edu 560 Week 6 Assignment Paper

At all levels of education, the responsibilities of administrators are significantly impacted by federal and state policy changes. With the onset of constantly changing COVID-19 policies and shifting impacts on students, this has become increasingly evident. These policy shifts not only affect students but also the administrators and their daily duties.

take an opportunity to review a letter written to all states from the U.S. Department of Education Office of Elementary and Secondary Education [PDF]Links to an external site. that provides updates from the current President’s administration.

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Edu 560 Week 6 Assignment Paper
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Second, access information about federal and state policy changes that impact K-12 and Higher Education from the Education Commission of the StatesLinks to an external site. in the section titled: COVID-19 . Edu 560 Week 6 Assignment Paper

  1. Depending on your focus (K-12 or Higher Education), evaluate the impact on administrator responsibilities based on the policy considerations and sample policies provided in the information below. Be sure to include a summary of the policy considerations suggested and a rationale for the effectiveness of one of the sample policies.


  2. Determine ways to mitigate negative impacts on administrator responsibilities in three key areas of the Funding Equity policy. Refer to the Funding Equity [PDF]Links to an external site.. Be sure to include information on:
    • COVID-19 Impact.
    • Equity Implications.
    • Policy Considerations.
  3. Evaluate the effectiveness of the Professional Learning for Teachers and Leaders policy. Use one of the sample policies included in the Professional Learning for Teachers and Leaders [PDF]Links to an external site. and share your rationale on the effectiveness of the sample policy. Be sure to include a summary of the policy.
  4. Use four sources to support your writing.  Edu 560 Week 6 Assignment Paper

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