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NUR4667 – Lesson 4 – Assignment: Cultural Competence

Instructions:Choose one of the numerous partners involved in global health (clinical care providers, governmental agencies, private foundations, corporations, intergovernmental groups, public-private partnerships, nonprofit organizations, the defense sector, universites, the media, and many others.Select a health related topic for which you want to advocate for. Request help from the agency/ entity of your choice in order to help the problem at hand.  Example: Request Apple to donate $1.00 for every iPhone they sell to provide clean water for the community in Bangladesh.Create a 5 to 10 slide PowerPoint presentation to deliver your message to the agency/ entity of your choice about the health related issue you want help with.Your slides should:first slide (after title slide) should explain at least three (3) objectives of your request.clearly state purpose of request to agency/ relevant and up to date statistic on the problem you are trying to advocate for. (include references)use references according to theAPA Style original work, and will be checked for plagiarism.

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NUR4667 – Lesson 4 – Assignment: Cultural Competence
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