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Assessment of Pregnant Client

Purpose of AssignmentUtilize the appropriate technology and/or references/resources, demonstrating accurate use, in order to access reliable data and information that support evidence-based practice in the care of diverse clients during pregnancy.Differentiate the various components of basic physiological needs as it relates to pregnancy and health practices, including but not limited to associated concepts of.Evaluate data and information gathered during client care, simulated scenarios, and/or case studies related to promoting nutritional health during pregnancy, nursing care strategies to address the common discomforts of pregnancy, essential components and standards of prenatal care, fetal growth and development stages in order to determine knowledge and wisdom gained through critical thought processes to optimize client outcomes and quality improvement.Demonstrate a basic understanding of communication practices necessary for client-centered care and interdisciplinary collaboration in terms of knowledge, skills, and attitudes.CompetencyApply appropriate nursing care interventions for clients during pregnancy, labor, and birth.ScenarioYou are a registered nurse (RN) working in a Women’s OB/GYN Clinic. Elizabeth Jones, 37 years old, presents to the prenatal clinic after missing her last 2 menstrual cycles. Her home pregnancy test was positive. An ultrasound at the clinic confirms pregnancy. Gestational age is calculated to be 10 weeks. An initial assessment of Ms. Jones’s medical and obstetrical history is as follows.Obstetric/Gynecologic (OB/GYN) history: Uncomplicated spontaneous vaginal delivery at 39.2 weeks (3 years ago); Cesarean section x 1 at 37.5 weeks for non-reassuring fetal heart tones (1.5 years ago); abnormal Papanicolau (PAP) smear x2, + human papilloma virus (HPV), colposcopy within normal limitsMedical history: Chronic hypertension (HTN) x 5 years;Allergies: PenicillinSocial history:(+) tobacco, “occasional” per client (pt), 1 year; (-) alcohol useAbusive partner with first pregnancy, states she has a new partner x 4 yearsDepression, currently not taking meds for treatment (tx)Medications: Prenatal vitamins; Labetalol 200mg BID;Family history: Insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus (mother); HTN and heart disease (father); breast cancer (maternal grandmother, deceased)InstructionsWrite a two to three-page analysis of this scenario that answers the following questions:What should the nurse consider related to caring for a client with a history of domestic abuse, drug use, sexually transmitted diseases and depression?Document the considerations of yourself as the professional nurse in regards to self-awareness; be aware of attitudes, values and beliefs that you hold related to clients from different social backgrounds so that care is not affected negatively.What conditions are in Mrs. Jones history that would cause concern during pregnancy, labor, and birth?What concerns should be discussed with Ms. Jones before she leaves her appointment?Each answer to your question should include the following:A correct answer with thorough development of the topicGives clinical examplesInclude evidence from scholarly sourcesAppropriate use of medical terminologyFormatStandard American English (correct grammar, punctuation, etc.)Logical, original and insightfulProfessional organization, style, and mechanics in APA formatSubmit document throughGrammarlyto correct errors before submission

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Assessment of Pregnant Client
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