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Infectious Diseases

Create a power point presentation that explores the security threats that infectious diseases can create for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Research a disease that is a threat of becoming pandemic and harming the population. Research the policies that the Ministry of Health have in place to prevent such an occurrence.

Create a power point presentation that is 7-8 slides in length, not including the title slide or the reference slides. Place your discussion in the speaker notes , which should contain at least 100 words on each slide. Reference at least six academic articles.

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Infectious Diseases
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Please use the following headings in your presentation:

  • Title Slide
  • Introduction
  • The Infectious Disease Threat
  • Public Health Initiatives
  • Security Initiatives
  • Potential Political, Social, and Economic Disruptions
  • Resources Needed
  • Conclusion
  • References

Your presentation should meet the following requirements:

  1. Be 7-8 slides in length, not including the title or reference slides.
  2. Be formatted according to APA writing guidelines.
  3. Provide support for your statements with in-text citations from a minimum of six scholarly articles. Two of these sources may be from the class readings, textbook, or lectures, but four must be external.
  4. Remember to utilize headings to organize the content in your work.
  5. Provide a cited images to the title page and others for the slides 
  6. No plagiarism
  7. The references should be not more than 5 years back ago 

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