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Critique of Research

Follow the instructions provided in “Critique of Research Studies Instructions.”

Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide, located in the Student Success Center. An abstract is not required.

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Critique of Research
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This assignment uses a rubric. Please review the rubric prior to beginning the assignment to become familiar with the expectations for successful completion.

  Please use APA format, 3 references, I have added the items needed to complete this, the instructions for critique of research studies and also the Topis 3 essay needed for this paper

Critique of Research Studies Instructions


Complete a critique of the quantitative and qualitative articles that were submitted in Topic 3. 

This assignment will be completed in three parts. Refer to the information below as a guide to the information that should be included in each part. 

Follow the guidelines for the quantitative and qualitative article critiques in Box 5.2: Guide to an Overall Critique of a Quantitative Research Report, and Box 5.3: Guide to an Overall Critique of a Qualitative Research Report, in Chapter 5 of the Nursing Research: Generating and Assessing Evidence for Nursing Practice textbook. 

1. Utilize a central heading to indicate that what follows is the critique of the articles.

2. The side headings of the critique for each article should follow the headings in Box 5.2 and Box 5.3 in Chapter 5 of the Nursing Research: Generating and Assessing Evidence for Nursing Practice textbook. 

3. Note that within these basic guidelines, there are additional references to Detailed Critiquing Guidelines found in additional boxes in other chapters of the Nursing Research: Generating and Assessing Evidence for Nursing Practice textbook focused on the various elements of a research study report. Use these to expand the research study and to learn specific terminology appropriate to the critique of research.

When turning in the final submission, please put the elements in the following order: Quantitative Article Critique, Qualitative Article Critique, References (which should include the two articles, the text, and any other additional sources). 

Critique of Research Studies – Part 1: Due Topic 4

For Part 1 of the critique, focus only on the following segments for each article:



· Title

· Title

· Abstract

· Abstract

· Introduction

· Introduction

o Statement of the problem

o Statement of the problem

o Hypotheses or research questions

o Research questions

o Literature review

o Literature review

o Conceptual/Theoretical framework

o Conceptual underpinnings

Research Paper

 Diane Boll

  Grand Canyon University: NUR 504


Qualitative Research

 In most of the cases people who tend to receive home care end up being given referrals to hospitals. This aspect tends to be expensive and also increases the predisposing factors of that particular illness. In this particular case, the research was basically about the in-situ care for people suffering from pneumonia infections.

The participants involved in this case were mainly family members from the local community who were picked at random. This research involved 14 interview questions which were conducted. In this research person suffering from pneumonia and their family members were given an invitation for a clinical study. The members chosen for this particular activity were those who had a recent case of pneumonia and also those who were deemed to remember the care provided during that particular period of illness. From the research, it was found that most of the participants preferred that pneumonia is treated specifically in the nursing homes. The main reason for this particular response was nursing homes provide the patients with better care and also offer great attention to the clients. The concerns of the participants were mainly on the issue of them being hospitalized. The participants argued that the doctors should always make a premediated judgment on whether to hospitalize them or not. Additionally, the family members of the patients also wanted to be involved during the making of that particular decision. From the findings of this particular research, it was clear that family members should be involved in the decision-making process and also more efforts should be put in order to improve the quality of healthcare services offered at nursing homes (Soo, Mark, & Lynne, 2006).

Quantitative Study on Condom-Use Behaviors

The main aim of this particular research was to come up with a pilot test that would be used to assess the culture of condom use of male individuals aged between eighteen to twenty-four years. In this particular research, the individuals involved in this particular case were between the ages of 18 to 24 years old. Additionally, these participants were required to have accessed healthcare in one of the four healthcare centers in South Chicago. This research also required that the participants be individuals prone to HIV/AIDS and also to have engaged in unprotected sex with multiple partners for the previous three to six months. 

The participants selected for this particular research were obtained at random from different points of this particular region. To attract the participants, the mobile vehicle used played hip hop music which is common amongst the people of this particular age bracket. Willing participants were then checked for their eligibility to participate in this particular research. If one was found eligible, he was then requested to verify and agree to the consent forms. After undertaking the research each participant was given a parting shot of $15 for completion of the survey, in addition to this, the participants were also offered $10 for transport expenses. Lastly, the participants were given three condom varieties to choose from for their own use.

From this particular research, it was concluded that African Americans of this particular age bracket were at higher chances of contracting HIV/AIDs or other sexually transmitted diseases. Additionally, it was also concluded that most of these individuals also involved themselves in substance and alcohol abuse (Stephen, Sherry, Jeffrey et al2007).


Stephen K, Sherry N, Jeffrey A et al(2007) A Quantitative Study on the Condom-Use Behaviors of Eighteen- to Twenty-Four-Year-Old Urban African American Males retrieved from on 28th Sep 2017

Soo C, Mark L. & Lynne L., (2006) Pneumonia care and the nursing home: a qualitative descriptive study of resident and family member perspectives retrieved from on 28th Sep 2017

Patten, M. L., & Newhart, M. (2017). Understanding research methods: An overview of the essentials. Taylor & Fran

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