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#1 Denmark – Top Ten Ease of Doing Business

#1 Denmark – Top Ten Ease of Doing Business

Some of the countries are ranked high on the Forbes’ list of countries for doing business; while these same countries are ranked lower on the World Bank list.  It will be up to you to discern why the discrepancy.  Each week we will review a country and answer the following questions:


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#1 Denmark – Top Ten Ease of Doing Business
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  1. What would make this country an attractive region or market in which to enter, depending on the type of opportunities your firm is considering? What are cultural influences, including customs and business etiquette in this international market, will affect business practices? #1 Denmark – Top Ten Ease of Doing Business
  2. If you were to want to start trading with this country, with what type of entry strategy would you begin?
  3. What kinds of local representation or institutional support would you need available to you to help you navigate any unforeseen obstacles and explain the laws and contract provisions in order to conduct business and protect your assets?
  4. What are some of the limitations (economic, infreastructure, technological) in establishing this exchange relationship (for example, currency fluctuations, or import/export timelines)?
  5. What opportunities and limitations are there for communicating the gospel of Jesus Christ?  What would be a focus for prayer?  Be sure to review the Operation World link above. #1 Denmark – Top Ten Ease of Doing Business

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