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ACA Code of Ethics Assignment

ACA Code of Ethics Assignment

The ACA Code of Ethics is based on six fundamental principles of ethical and professional behavior: nonmaleficence, beneficence, autonomy, veracity, justice, and fidelity. In your Learning Resources, you listened to seven faculty discuss these principles. For your Discussion this week, you will review the resources and consider how you have been able to develop your own personal morals, values, and ethical compass for behavior. You will also explore when it can be difficult to apply ethical principles in professional practice and practice applying an ethical decision-making process. ACA Code of Ethics Assignment


To Prepare:

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ACA Code of Ethics Assignment
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  • Review the resources.
  • Think about how you developed your own morals and values.
  • Draw from the information put forth in the Learning Resources as compared to your own ethical and legal compass for behaviors.

Post the following:

  • Provide a brief summary of your three most important morals and values.
  • Discuss the ethical principle discussed in the faculty videos that may be most difficult to uphold.
  • Apply the ethical decision-making process presented in the faculty videos to identify actions you will take to minimize imposing your morals and values while upholding the ethical principle you identified above.

Please refer to the references in the link and the documents attached. thank you.  ACA Code of Ethics Assignment

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