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Computer Systems Technology Assignment

Computer Systems Technology Assignment

  • Do the graphical elements introduced in Windows 8/7 help or harm productivity? Should the effect on hardware resources be taken into account in such a discussion? Computer Systems Technology Assignment
  • In the context of Windows networking, what is the difference between a domain and a workgroup?
  • What are the types of accounts within Windows 8 and Windows 7? Should standard user accounts even be able to make use of Administrator level privileges? Should Administrator level privileges be limited, why or why not?


  • When manually deleting programming files, why do corresponding registry entries also need to be deleted?
  • Research third-party software capable of managing Windows startup programs; select one or two products and write a report summarizing product characteristics. What makes these products viable to be part of your toolkit?
  • Discuss common counters used in Performance Monitor to troubleshoot and diagnose issues with a system. Why is performance monitoring an effective means of troubleshooting? What kinds of problems can be solved with the performance monitor? Computer Systems Technology Assignment

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