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Presidential Roles Assignment

Presidential Roles Assignment

The list below describes ten roles the American people expect their president to perform. Use this
information to identify the role being described in the statements that follow.
Chief of State: Serves as the ceremonial head of government at public functions.
Chief Executive: Oversees the operation of government agencies; appoints cabinet members, agency heads and other
officials; and sees that laws are properly enforced. Presidential Roles Assignment
Commander in Chief: Heads the military branches


Chief Diplomat: Represents the country in foreign affairs
Chief Legislator: Initiates possible legislation and works with Congress to achieve the administration’s goals.
Chief of Party: Heads chosen political party
Voice of the People: Represents the wishes of the general public
President of the West (a/k/a Leader of the Free World): Acts as spokesman for the Free World
Protector of the Peace: Preserves order in times of national emergency
Chief Economic Leader/Manager of the Prosperity: Engineers economic controls to maintain a stable economy. Presidential Roles Assignment

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Presidential Roles Assignment
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