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Substance Abuse Disorder Assignment

Substance Abuse Disorder Assignment

By Day 1 of this week select a specific video case study to use for this Assignment from the Video Case Selections choices in the Learning Resources

Assessing and Diagnosing Patients With SubstanceRelated and Addictive Disorders

For this Assignment, you will practice assessing and diagnosing a patient in a case study who is experiencing a substance-related or addictive disorder. With this and all cases, remember to consider the patient’s cultural background.

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Substance Abuse Disorder Assignment
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To Prepare:

  • Review this week’s Learning Resources and consider the insights they provide.
  • Review the Comprehensive Psychiatric Evaluation template, which you will use to complete this Assignment.
  • By Day 1 of this week select a specific video case study to use for this Assignment from the Video Case Selections choices in the Learning Resources. View your assigned video case and review the additional data for the case in the “Case History Reports” document, keeping the requirements of the evaluation template in mind.
  • Consider what history would be necessary to collect from this patient.
  • Consider what interview questions you would need to ask this patient.
  • Identify at least three possible differential diagnoses for the patient. Substance Abuse Disorder Assignment

By Day 7 of Week 8

Complete and submit your Comprehensive Psychiatric Evaluation, including your differential diagnosis and critical-thinking process to formulate primary diagnosis.

Incorporate the following into your responses in the template:

  • Subjective: What details did the patient provide regarding their chief complaint and symptomology to derive your differential diagnosis? What is the duration and severity of their symptoms? How are their symptoms impacting their functioning in life?
  • Objective: What observations did you make during the psychiatric assessment?
  • Assessment: Discuss the patient’s mental status examination results. What were your differential diagnoses? Provide a minimum of three possible diagnoses with supporting evidence, listed in order from highest priority to lowest priority. Compare the DSM-5-TR diagnostic criteria for each differential diagnosis and explain what DSM-5-TR criteria rules out the differential diagnosis to find an accurate diagnosis. Explain the critical-thinking process that led you to the primary diagnosis you selected. Include pertinent positives and pertinent negatives for the specific patient case.
  • Reflection notes: What would you do differently with this client if you could conduct the session over? Also include in your reflection a discussion related to legal/ethical considerations (demonstrate critical thinking beyond confidentiality and consent for treatment!), health promotion and disease prevention taking into consideration patient factors (such as age, ethnic group, etc.), PMH, and other risk factors (e.g., socioeconomic, cultural background, etc.). Substance Abuse Disorder Assignment


  • Create documentation in the Comprehensive Psychiatric Evaluation Template about the patient you selected.In the Subjective section, provide:• Chief complaint• History of present illness (HPI)• Past psychiatric history• Medication trials and current medications• Psychotherapy or previous psychiatric diagnosis• Pertinent substance use, family psychiatric/substance use, social, and medical history• Allergies• ROS
  • In the Objective section, provide:• Physical exam documentation of systems pertinent to the chief complaint, HPI, and history• Diagnostic results, including any labs, imaging, or other assessments needed to develop the differential diagnoses.
  • In the Assessment section, provide:• Results of the mental status examination, presented in paragraph form.• At least three differentials with supporting evidence. List them from top priority to least priority. Compare the DSM-5 diagnostic criteria for each differential diagnosis and explain what DSM-5 criteria rules out the differential diagnosis to find an accurate diagnosis. Explain the critical-thinking process that led you to the primary diagnosis you selected. Include pertinent positives and pertinent negatives for the specific patient case.
  • Reflect on this case. Discuss what you learned and what you might do differently. Also include in your reflection a discussion related to legal/ethical considerations (demonstrate critical thinking beyond confidentiality and consent for treatment!), health promotion and disease prevention taking into consideration patient factors (such as age, ethnic group, etc.), PMH, and other risk factors (e.g., socioeconomic, cultural background, etc.).
  • Provide at least three evidence-based, peer-reviewed journal articles or evidenced-based guidelines that relate to this case to support your diagnostics and differential diagnoses. Be sure they are current (no more than 5 years old).
  • Written Expression and Formatting—Paragraph development and organization:Paragraphs make clear points that support well-developed ideas, flow logically, and demonstrate continuity of ideas. Sentences are carefully focused—neither long and rambling nor short and lacking substance. A clear and comprehensive purpose statement and introduction are provided that delineate all required criteria.
  • Written Expression and Formatting—English writing standards:Correct grammar, mechanics, and punctuation





00:00:20LISA Well I had to be here in this hospital if that answers your question.

00:00:25OFF CAMERA Yes, thank you. Can I get you a drink of water or something else to drink? Anything?

00:00:35LISA A drink isn’t going to convince me, right? You’re going to have to convince me.

00:00:40OFF CAMERA What is you want me to persuade you to do?

00:00:45LISA Going to rehab.

00:00:50OFF CAMERA What worries you about going to rehab?

00:00:55 [sil.]

00:01:00 LISA Everything.

00:01:00 OFF CAMERA Okay. I tell you what let’s go back a little bit and tell me about how you’re feeling today.

00:01:10 LISA Scared.

00:01:15 OFF CAMERA Can you tell me more about that feeling of being scared?

00:01:20 LISA Well, I don’t want to be. I don’t want to be what people say I am because if I say it and I’m not going to say it because I ain’t going to change. I can’t.

00:01:35 OFF CAMERA What do people say you are?

00:01:40 LISA And I’m not.

00:01:45 OFF CAMERA What don’t you want to be? Substance Abuse Disorder Assignment

00:01:45 LISA An addict.

00:01:50 OFF CAMERA Do you use drugs and alcohol?

00:01:50 LISA Yeah sometimes I have a drink. You know with friends [inaudible] but it doesn’t matter. I’m in control.

00:02:00 OFF CAMERA Do you feel in control now?

00:02:05LISA Maybe I could just get that drink [inaudible].

00:02:10OFF CAMERA Sure. Sure. Here you go.

00:02:15LISA Thank you.


00:02:30LISA You know what I just think I should leave.

00:02:30OFF CAMERA You keep saying you should leave. You said that earlier but do you really want to leave?

00:02:40LISA No.

00:02:45OFF CAMERA Okay. Tell me why you are here.

00:02:45LISA Because I’m scared.

00:02:50OFF CAMERA You said that earlier. You think if you could — then I could figure out together why you’re scared and maybe we can come up to a plan. Up with a plan and if we do that, then maybe your fears will disappear.

00:03:05LISA No not these fears [inaudible] because it’s over.

00:03:10OFF CAMERA What’s over?

00:03:10LISA Everything. The business.

00:03:15OFF CAMERA What do you mean?

00:03:20LISA Jeremy.

00:03:25OFF CAMERA Who is Jeremy?

00:03:25LISA He’s my boyfriend. I saw him naked with Alisa [assumed spelling] with the same fucking name as me. We now have the same fucking boyfriend. In my office, he was screwing that fucking cunk.

00:03:45OFF CAMERA So you’re the one who caught Jeremy cheating?

00:03:55LISA Yeah. Cheating? Yeah that’s a clever word shrinks use.

00:04:05OFF CAMERA So you and Jeremy share an office?

00:04:05LISA Yeah we do commercials for local businesses, you know, build websites, that kind of stuff. We started a business together. He moved in with me.

00:04:15OFF CAMERA How long ago was that?

00:04:20LISA Nine months.

00:04:20OFF CAMERA Do you have any children?

00:04:20LISA Not with that fucking asshole.


00:04:30LISA I have a daughter, Sarah. Gosh, she’s beautiful. She stays with some friends. She’s not related to Jeremy, thank God.

00:04:45OFF CAMERA And where are you staying?

00:04:45LISA I’m renting a place far away from here. You know I ran down to the bank to empty both our bank accounts.

00:04:55OFF CAMERA Business accounts?

00:04:55LISA Yeah. And do you know that asshole has been draining them for 4 months? I swear.

00:05:05OFF CAMERA Taking money out of your account without your knowledge.

00:05:05LISA Yeah. For his buys.

00:05:10OFF CAMERA Buys?

00:05:10LISA Yeah, to payoff his debts with my money.

00:05:20OFF CAMERA Or crack cocaine?

00:05:25LISA Yeah for crack.

00:05:25OFF CAMERA How long have you know he’s been smoking crack?

00:05:30LISA Ever since I saw him with that — every since I saw with her naked. The both of them naked.

00:05:40OFF CAMERA What was that like seeing Jeremy and Alisa naked and smoking crack?

00:05:40LISA Well have you ever seen someone you love naked smoking crack?

00:05:45OFF CAMERA No.

00:05:50LISA Yeah no I didn’t think so.

00:05:50OFF CAMERA So what has that been like for you knowing Jeremy’s smoking crack?

00:05:55LISA Well, I’ve never seen him do drugs before. You know he drinks a lot, smokes weed, but crack cocaine. I mean God have mercy.

00:06:15OFF CAMERA What are you thinking about?

00:06:20LISA Everyone’s going to know.

00:06:25OFF CAMERA Know what?

00:06:30LISA That I was getting high to stay in this hospital and get cleaned up.

00:06:35OFF CAMERA You mean rather than go to rehab.

00:06:40LISA Rehab, man they’re fucking dirty places and I’m sick and tired of dirty places.

00:06:45OFF CAMERA No, no, no this rehab place is very clean. I’ve seen it. There are a lot of nice people there. People who feel like they get much better help than here in the hospital. In fact, I can call someone for you and let you talk with them. Substance Abuse Disorder Assignment

00:06:55LISA No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, don’t do that.

00:07:00OFF CAMERA You’re really fearful of going to rehab.

00:07:05LISA Well if everyone finds out that I’ve been to rehab, I won’t get a job. I won’t be hired anyway.

00:07:10OFF CAMERA Plus if people are fearful of the stigma and fearful of what people will think of them.

00:07:20LISA Yeah, but he says that I’m not addicted. It’s just — you know something wrong with my personality.

00:07:25OFF CAMERA Who says there’s something wrong with your personality?

00:07:30LISA Jeremy.

00:07:30OFF CAMERA When did he tell you that?

00:07:35LISA Lots of times.

00:07:35OFF CAMERA I thought you said you and Jeremy split up after you caught him cheating.

00:07:40LISA I —

00:07:45OFF CAMERA It’s okay. Take your time.

00:07:50LISA Well yeah he moved back in.

00:07:50OFF CAMERA Into your new home?

00:07:55LISA Yeah. What changed that you two decided to get back together?

00:08:00OFF CAMERA Well he said he was sorry and he begged me. He’s done it before so I took him back.

00:08:10LISA And how has that been being back with Jeremy?

00:08:15OFF CAMERA Well I love Jeremy. I do and don’t want to go out and find another boyfriend. I mean we lost 80,000 dollars on that business. And he promised me that he would make it all back.

00:08:30LISA So is that why you took him back? Has Jeremy continued smoking crack?

00:08:45OFF CAMERA Yeah a little but he’s not addicted. He says that it calms him down. Me too.

00:09:05LISA You too?


00:09:05OFF CAMERA So do you smoke crack with Jeremy?

00:09:15LISA Yeah we — he made me try it.


00:09:30[ Crying ]

00:09:40LISA And then he tried just once. We did it together. [Inaudible] I could.

00:09:55[ Crying ]

00:10:00LISA Hit me like a bullet. And it felt so good. I felt so good. And real fast.


00:10:25LISA Have you ever felt like you were dancing with butterflies?

00:10:30OFF CAMERA Dancing with butterflies? No I have not.


00:10:45LISA But he says it’s not addictive, Jeremy.

00:10:50OFF CAMERA What do you think?

00:10:55LISA Well I know I can’t get enough.

00:11:00[ Crying ]

00:11:10LISA And I know I don’t want to go back to feeling horrible again because when I don’t smoke it I get worse. And when I have it, I feel good. And then it’s gone. And then I know that I’m going to be needing another hit.

00:11:45OFF CAMERA That sounds a lot like addiction.

00:11:55LISA Yeah but I know I don’t want it to be.

00:12:00OFF CAMERA It sounds like you are very scared of getting help and yet at the same very time, it sounds like you know you need that help.

00:12:15LISA I know I don’t need help. I don’t need anything. Jeremy promised me that everything is going to be okay. And when you love someone like I do, you got to believe him. Right?


00:12:45END TRANSCRIPT. Substance Abuse Disorder Assignment

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