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Identify at least two different public health issues in your community or state (Georgia). Describe each issue to include identification of the target population, impact to the population and community, relevant statistics, current interventions, and involved organizations. Based on the current situation, discuss any changes that you would recommend and why.

(Note: Use websites for your local and state health departments to assist you with identifying relevant public health issues.)

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In a Microsoft Word document of approximately 5–7 pages, examine two public health issues that are currently being addressed in your community or state. Include the following items in your paper:

  • Describe each issue to include identification the target population and impact to the population and the community.
  • Provide descriptive statistics about the health issue and the population.
  • Identify and describe current interventions at the community or state level that are being used.
  • Identify and discuss the roles of organizations that are involved in addressing the public health issues.
  • Recommend relevant changes and explain reasons for those changes.


               5: How the focus area relates to the community

7: One way to enhance or optimize health through nutrition and weight status

8: Second way to enhance or optimize health through nutrition and weight status

v  Minimum of three peer review articles must be utilized between these two slides

v  There are evidence based articles here: that may be a helpful tool

 PowerPoint presentation

1 slides of content for each question

Bullet point format

Each slide should have accompanying speaker’s notes and citations – speaker notes should be a paragraph long  

list all references used at the end

assigment can be done in word, you dont have to pt it into a powerpoint

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