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Herzberg’s Two-Factor Theory Assignment

Herzberg’s Two-Factor Theory Assignment

Herzbergs two-factor theory speaks to issues relevant in both employee compensation and benefits as it discusses why people choose a workplace, as well as what keeps employees satisfied and committed to their work.  For more information on Herzberg’s two-factor theory, see the Frederick Herzberg motivational theory (Links to an external site.).

Imagine that you are an HR manager in a contemporary firm and answer the following:

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Herzberg’s Two-Factor Theory Assignment
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  • Who are you trying to recruit to work for you (i.e., your audience)?

What sort of compensation and benefits package would you ensure is in place to recruit the best candidates for the position? Herzberg’s Two-Factor Theory Assignment


Week 4 – Discussion 2

  Keeping Employees Motivated

If you have taken the time to review Herzberg’s work, you may have learned that people accept a job and stay on the job for different motivational reasons.  Job satisfaction is achieved through what Herzberg would categorize as motivational factors (personal growth; responsibility; the work itself; opportunities for achievement, advancement, recognition; and/or to make a positive difference) rather than hygiene factors (status, salary, job security, types of supervision, etc.).

Using at least three comparison web examples from the industry you used in your “Herzberg’s Two-Factor Theory” discussion post this week, delineate a creative employee benefits plan designed to keep your best employees satisfied and motivated.  Remember to include all of the links as well as references from the course text and other sources to support your rationale. Herzberg’s Two-Factor Theory Assignment

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