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The Purpose of a Portfolio Assignment

The Purpose of a Portfolio Assignment

Assignment Overview
The purpose of a portfolio—or online ePortfolio—is to showcase your academic achievement as a nursing student and to help document your progress through the program. A well-constructed portfolio demonstrates your strengths and your commitment to the profession. The best portfolio will tell your story—who you are, your interest in nursing, and what your goals are for your career. An ePortfolio link can be easily shared with hiring managers and included as part of your application to graduate school.


For this assignment, you will create the “shell” or basic structure for your own ePortfolio in Google Sites. This will ensure that you are prepared to begin adding exemplars of your scholarly work and other components to your portfolio in the coming weeks. The Purpose of a Portfolio Assignment
Assignment Instructions
Log into your Marymount Google Drive account. For tips and best practices, you can view the MU library’s video, “5 Tips for Using Google Drive,” by visiting the Marymount Libguides pageLinks to an external site..
Access the Google Sites websiteLinks to an external site..
Select the option to start a new site. If you have questions about or difficulty with that process, check the Google Support page How to Use Google SitesLinks to an external site.. If you still cannot create your site, please post about the issue in the Virtual Office so your instructor and peers can assist. The Purpose of a Portfolio Assignment
The first, preexisting page that displays after creating a new site is your Home Page. Here you will enter basic information about your ePortfolio site and about yourself:In the Site Name field (upper-left corner), enter “[Your Full Name] ePortfolio.”
Replace “Your Page Title” with your full name on one line, “ePortfolio” on the next, and “Marymount University” on a third line.
Include a Personal Introduction: Either a photo and introductory paragraph about yourself or a two- to three-minute video recording (or both).
In the toolbar, select the Pages tab.
Select the plus sign, then New Page.
Title the new page “Strengths and Experience.”
Follow the same procedure to add the other required pages: Artifacts
Clinical Issue (IOM) Reflection
Philosophy of Nursing
Professional Responsibilities
You need to ensure that your instructor will be able to view your ePortfolio, which requires action on your part. For instructions on sharing your portfolio, visit Google’s page, Publish and Share Your SiteLinks to an external site.. Then follow the Submission Instructions on this page to submit the link for instructor access.
For this week, you are only required to set up the basic structure of your portfolio, including the page titles outlined above. You do not need to have any artifacts or other content added yet.
However, you will share your completed ePortfolio with your instructor in Week 11. You are strongly advised to work on your portfolio over the coming weeks, adding the required components gradually as you go along. The Purpose of a Portfolio Assignment

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