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Education Assignment Paper

750 Words due 9/16/2023
You’ve been asked to prepare a staff development workshop entitled Teaching Every Student, a practical explanation of diversification strategies for mixed-ability classrooms for the teachers in your school district. Your workshop materials include a paper as well as a PowerPoint you are required to submit the paper and PowerPoint for this assignment.


Give these new teachers some practical, research-based perspectives, pointers, and strategies on teaching methods that encourage and facilitate learning for special needs students as well as the others in the classroom without “dumbing down” the content. Use the following questions, anonymously submitted by prospective attendees, both to guide you and as subheadings in your paper, and make sure to include an introduction and conclusion as well. What is differentiated instruction? How do we differentiate content? How do we differentiate process? How do we differentiate and evaluate products? Education Assignment Paper

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Education Assignment Paper
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