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Ethical Issue or Dilemma Assignment

Ethical Issue or Dilemma Assignment

Ethics Paper


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Ethical Issue or Dilemma Assignment
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  1. Select an ethical issue or dilemma.

There are many ethical issues related to healthcare environments. Some of the ethical issues that occur in healthcare today are issues related to informed consent, organ donation, end-of-life care, truth-telling, palliative care, narcotic abuse, cultural care, spiritual care, privacy, and pain management. There are more! Select an ethical issue that has occurred in your work setting or one that interests you.


  1. Literature search

Visit the APUS library. Conduct a literature search and find articles that pertain to the ethical issue/dilemma that you selected. Make sure your articles are scholarly (peer-reviewed) and current. You may also use references from professional websites. Such as the ANA website. Sources must be within 3-5 years, of the current year. Three years or less is preferred.

  1. Paper structure
  • Five to six pages in length (six-page limit), not including the title page and reference sheet.
  • APA format
    • Make the title page and reference sheet per APA format
    • In-text citations for every reference
    • The running head and page numbers correctly formatted
    • Double-spaced with 1-inch borders. Times New Roman, Font 12 typeface is required.
    • The paper needs to meet the standards of professional writing in nursing, including accurate grammar, spelling, punctuation, and syntax.
    • Headings required ( See template for paper organization and headings)


  • Six references are required. Three references must include the following:
    • The American Nurses Association Code of Ethics for Nurses, 2015,
    • The Kearney-Nunnery Advancing Your Career Textbook, and
    • The Park, Integrated Ethical Decision-making Model, 2012 article attached to this assignment.
  • Turnitin Score of 24% or less is required.


  1. Set up paper according to template

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