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Interview On Special Education Paper

Interview On Special Education Paper

Interview Assignment Template – Questions for Student or Parent

Interviewer, you may type the interview responses directly onto this template.

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Interview On Special Education Paper
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First name or initials of interviewee:

Age of individual discussed in the interview:

Relationship to the individual with special needs:


Description of the individual’s special needs, including:

  • Name of condition, syndrome, or disorder
  • Physical challenges
  • Intellectual challenges
  • Emotional challenges
  • Social challenges


Equipment, therapies, additional support needed to address the individual’s unique needs:


Activities the individual enjoys. Include a description of any adaptations required for the individual to be able to participate in these activities. Interview On Special Education Paper


Does this individual require additional care (education, physical, entertainment)? If so, what skills are required of the caretaker(s)?


How has your life been impacted by the special needs of this individual?


Student choice question: Create your own question for the person you are interviewing. Erase this line and type your question in its place.


After you have completed the interview, you will write a 200-word summary of what you learned from the interview and a 300-word conclusion. The conclusion must include citations from at least one scholarly resource and the course textbook. A reference page should be included. The interview template, summary, and conclusion should be submitted in one document.

Interview Assignment Instructions



While textbooks and scholarly journal articles can provide a great deal of useful information, interviews have the potential to bring that information to life. It is extremely beneficial to speak with individuals who have firsthand knowledge of the content or skills that we seek to understand. The interview assignment will allow you to speak with an individual who has experienced special education as a parent, student, or teacher. This conversation will add to your understanding of special education and increase your awareness of what it is like to educate or to receive education through the special education system. Interview On Special Education Paper



For this assignment, you will interview the parent of a student currently or previously enrolled in special education, a student currently or previously enrolled in special education, a special education teacher, or a paraprofessional. Your goal is to learn about some of the challenges facing students enrolled in special education and/or their parents or teachers.


You are responsible for locating the individual you will interview for this assignment. Do not contact the School of Education Field Office for support in this task.


After identifying the subject of your interview, you will select the appropriate interview template for this assignment. You will ask the subject the interview questions on the template and type their responses directly onto the template. After you complete the interview, you will write a summary of the interview (at least 200 words) and a conclusion (at least 300 words). The conclusion must include at least one citation from a scholarly journal article and at least one citation from the course textbook.


This assignment must be prepared in current APA format. A title page and abstract are not required for this assignment; however, a reference page must be included.


Note: Your assignment will be checked for originality via the Turnitin plagiarism tool. Interview On Special Education Paper





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