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Nursing homework help

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Nursing homework help
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Reply to Discussion # 1 Nozomi
This term, I stayed with a women’s health nurse practitioner (NP) for almost the entire rotation, and the experience completely transformed my view of women’s health. Prior to this rotation, I had a very vague understanding of what women’s health providers do, and most of these ideas were based on my very limited personal experience of being a patient in my gynecologist’s office. I was always under the impression that OB/GYN practices mainly involve pregnancy care, well-woman exams, and contraceptive prescriptions. However, in these past two months, I learned that there is so much more to women’s health than I ever imagined. Nursing homework help. For example, I saw many cases of endometrial biopsy, colposcopy, contraceptive removal and insertion, genetic testing, imaging interpretation, surgical consults, and hormone replacement therapy for menopause. Additionally, I have seen patients being referred to gynecology oncologists and perinatal counselors, both of which I have never heard of before. Furthermore, I saw a few pediatric patients who visited the office through a referral from their pediatricians, which was also very shocking to me. Through this rotation, I found out that OB/GYN is a field that provides a safe place for women to discuss their concerns that are sometimes difficult to talk about with their primary care providers. According to Dolan et al. (2022), some of the key issues of women’s health are breast cancer risks, cervical cancer prevention, peripartum depression, pelvic pain, contraception, cardiovascular risks, and bone health. Interestingly, many of these key areas overlap with the primary care provider role. Thus, I realized that although the main focus is the gynecological issues, women’s health is very similar to primary care in that it focuses on multiple body systems, including cardiovascular and psychological issues. Even though I plan on pursuing a career in primary care after finishing this program, I was very grateful to gain some experience in such a profound branch of medicine.
Reply to Discussion # 2 Angelo. Nursing homework help


I have learned so much this term with my preceptor. She was in family practice but did so much. She owns the clinic and I also got to sit with her and discuss the different pros and cons of running/owning a practice. During my time there, I got to see Botox injections, cryotherapy, shave biopsies, and many other procedures. I also got to know a lot about billing. Since this was a private practice, she ensured she was billing as much as possible for each patient to get the maximum reimbursement. She also managed a lot of phentermine patients who were on this medication for weight loss. Seeing the patients and the provider know each other personally was a great experience as well. The patient would ask about her family as she would theirs. Nursing homework help
Regarding different procedures, Botox injections were something that was fun to watch as well as the shave biopsy. Just like any medication Botox has potential adverse effects. A mild adverse reaction is something that will return to normal with time, such as paralysis of a certain nerve (Witmanowski & Blockowiak, 2020). It will come back as soon as the Botox starts to wear off. A potentially life-threatening adverse effect can come if the Botox is injected systemically which can lead to botulism (Witmanowski & Blockowiak, 2020). With this being said, being careful with injectables is important.
Overall, I have learned a lot this term and I am excited to have another term done and completed. I can honestly say these 2 years have flown by.

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