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Cognitive Development of Children Assignment

Cognitive Development of Children Assignment

Each student will  write an 8-10 page paper on an area of interest in the field of school psychology ( research based ) on their vision of our field’s future . Students should demonstrate critical thinking on the knowledge that they have acquired throughout the quarter ,i,e.,integrate class lectures, discussion , and readings. Cognitive Development of Children Assignment

* this assignment should be written in APA style . Please refer to the APA style Publication Manual for more information or visit*

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Cognitive Development of Children Assignment
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Cognitive Development of Children


Cognitive development is a specific area of developmental psychology that deals with abilities of children in their infancy, early childhood, and middle childhood period. Cognitive is a term used in referring to all mental activities such as the functioning of the brain, memory, learning and communication (Melby-Lervåg & Hulme, 2013).The study of cognitive abilities began in the 1850’s where various psychologists developed theories to support the ideas behind human cognitive development. Developmental psychology deals with changes that occur in human beings over the course of their lifespan. Developmental psychology as a whole has incorporated changes in the adolescents, adults and the aging. Earl… Cognitive Development of Children Assignment

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