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Compare And Contrast Britain’s And The United States Health History And Current Structure

Compare And Contrast Britain’s And The United States Health History And Current Structure

In a 5-6 page Microsoft Word document, compare and contrast Britain’s and the United States health history and current structure, including: Different philosophical approaches to the provision of care Organization Financing Delivery of health services and public health systems Utilize your textbook and other scholarly sources for this assignment help to assist with your research. You may also find the following websites helpful: The Future of Public Health: A History of the Public Health System Overview of Healthcare in the UK

MAP-IT framework is a tool for organizing and gauging societal public health endeavors. Experienced and inexperienced public health workers may use MAP-IT processes to build ans develop a community that is healthy (McKnight, Kretzmann 1996). The MAP-IT approach takes time, effort, and a series of stages to ‘map out’ the journey towards a community’s desired change. Remember that there is no one solution that fit all when it comes to this, therefore, some procedures are needed repetitively. A coalition can use MAP-IT to develop a chronological, organized plan aimed towards a given community’s requirements.

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Compare And Contrast Britain’s And The United States Health History And Current Structure
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Nursing intervention is developed to establish and enforce park exercise activities in zip code 33127. After looking at the data collected from the community at zip code 33127, it was rather evident that residents, especially on the north side of the zip code, are not even trying to participate in the community’s public parks.

Following the underlying investigation, the nurse intervention determines that a different strategy is required, and it brings together important stakeholders in the postal district 33127 to help nurture an agreement. The Nursing Intervention Task Force will comprise representatives from environmental health, education, and the community public health practitioners. The task force’s mission is to develop and maintain a healthy community in the postal district. Compare And Contrast Britain’s And The United States Health History And Current Structure


The task force holds a strategic planning meeting; furthermore, the task force holds data mining on healthy living from exercise. During the assessment, the task force discovered that the rate of chronic diseases reported in the postal district 33127 is alarming, especially among young people in the community. It has been discovered that the lack of physical exercise majorly triggers chronic disease.

Currently, the staffing, skills and information on the importance of healthy living are at our disposal, but where do we go from there? From further deliberation, it is concluded that we would need funding to conduct public awareness campaigns, initiate the building fitness park, and install outdoor exercise equipment.


During the afternoon of the strategic planning meeting, the task force agreed that installing at least four outdoor fitness equipment in the postal district 33127 should be the priority in addressing the rising chronic illness rate.

Our head decided to contact a community-based organization (CBO) with a long history of dealing with public workout equipment installation and ask them to assist in developing a project plan. If money is approved, the CBO signs a letter of understanding to participate in the project. In addition, the director collaborates with other members of the postal district’s health department and government to draft a plan.


We suggest a pilot program in which exercise equipment is installed in public parks. Some unemployed locals would be trained to assist in the procedures as part of the pilot program. We also decided to keep an eye on the rate of chronic illnesses to determine if it is decreasing. The federal government funds the project due to supporting data being the primary cause.


The CBO is enthusiastic about the project and is in charge of communicating with locals about the installations and reacting to emerging issues. In addition, the CBO is responsible for overseeing and performing the project’s training and employment aspects.

Our project manager manages the whole project and collaborates with contractors to ensure proper completion. In the parks, equipment such as sit-up benches, dip and leg raise stations, vertical ladders, and rope climbs is erected. In addition, two parks dedicated to workouts are being built. All of this takes place over the course of one and a half years.


The task force keeps track of the project’s development and gathers official and informal data to assess its impact. Since the parks have been improved, the number of cases of chronic illnesses has decreased. Residents say they feel healthier now than they did before the adoption, and there are fewer incidents of heart attacks. Consequently, the inhabitants are pleased with the workout equipment in the parks. The task group understands that they must remain focused and engaged for the program to continue. Compare And Contrast Britain’s And The United States Health History And Current Structure

Conclusion at

In the execution of a solution, evaluation and tracking are critical activities. These tasks, which are carried out in phases, offer practitioners various information (McEwan & Bigelow, 1997). For example, the preliminary evaluation aids in the identification of barriers and risks. It is feasible to take early strategies that focus on this knowledge to optimize the advantages of the solution while avoiding the danger of failure (StudyCorgi, 2021). The post-evaluation of results aids in determining the plan’s overall efficiency. The information may be utilized to improve the existing educational program and help design new, more complex ones.


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