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Disparities in Public Health Planning

Certain ethnic and racial minorities as well as other underserved populations experience more negative consequences of illness and premature death than other groups.

Using the South University Online Library or the Internet, research the disparities in public health planning. Based on your understanding of these disparities, answer the following questions:

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Disparities in Public Health Planning
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  • What do the terms “diversity” and “health disparities” mean to you? How are the two terms related?
  • How are these terms relevant to health program planning and evaluation?
  • How does the cultural diversity of populations affect the program planning and evaluation processes? Explain these in terms of the various stages of the planning and evaluation cycle.

Healthcare managers and certified medical administrative assistants (CMAAs) need to be aware of the many medical options that are available for patients in their community. 

  • For this assignment, develop a document that contains the community resources for breast cancer patients. 
  • Discuss the steps that will be taken to gather and present the information.  
  • Include a procedure to update the information on a regular basis

Discuss the significance of national certification as a nurse practitioner. How does being certified affect your scope of practice? What is the purpose of being certified? Can you practice without being certified? Discuss the similarities and differences of a FNP certification versus AGNP certification. Describe the process and required documents, applications, payment and preparation for the exam.

APA format

5 references no older than 5 years

500 words at a minimum

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