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Florida Nurses Association Assignment

Florida Nurses Association Assignment

Go to the FNA website and critically read and review the topics under the tabs “legislative” and “get involved”.  Based on the textbook reading and FNA website discuss at least 2-topics below:


  • The Nursing Legislation and Advocacy page on the FNA website identifies 4-different ways for you to get involved with advocacy.  Discuss which way(s) you would most likely get involved with and why?
  • Find and peruse the Barbara Lumpkin Toolkit (BLT).  What are your thoughts about the information provided in the toolkit and what did you learn that you didn’t know before?
  • The Florida Keys community experiences unique healthcare needs.  Identify 1-healthcare issues or trends would you consider advocating for that would have an impact on nursing in the Florida Keys.  Based on the BLT how would you go about advocating for the healthcare issue? Florida Nurses Association Assignment

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Florida Nurses Association Assignment
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