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Nursing homework help

Post your cost comparison document from Unit 2. Assuming you might prescribe this drug for your patient, how would you minimize cost or assist the patient in getting the medication at the lowest cost possible. What resources are available to reduce drug costs? Find at least 2 resources for free or reduced cost medications. Respond to two other student posts as per the discussion board rubric.

Instructions: APA format discussion. 1 page length is fine. 3 references at least. nothing less. I posted the assignment from unit 2 below.

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Nursing homework help
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Comparing the Costs of Prescription Drug Brands vs. Generics and OTC Drugs vs. Generics

I selected Synthroid .05 mg, a prescription drug used to treat hypothyroidism in children, including infants and adults—the drug works by replacing a hormone the thyroid gland creates. The generic of the drug is Levothyroxine .05 mg. The selected OTC drug is Tylenol 500 mg, and its generic is Acetaminophen 500 mg. I selected Walgreens as the focus of a large chain pharmacy. Besides, I chose Kroger as the grocery store of interest and Honeybee pharmacy as the privately owned local pharmacy from which to get the drugs. In the pharmacy associated with a “big box,” Walmart was selected. In this paper presentation, I will compare the cash cost of the grand and generic drugs identified. Nonetheless, I will also present the addresses of each outlet. Nursing homework help


Synthroid .05mg

The nearest Walgreens store to get the medicine is 151 N STATE ST, Chicago, IL. Synthroid .05 mg at this facility is $ $76.02 for a supply of 30 tablets (Walgreens, 2023). The pharmacy avails Levothyroxine 0.5mg at $15 for 30 tablets. The cost of Tylenol 500 mg is $0.25 per unit. This means that 30 tablets of Tylenol cost $7.5 (Walgreens, 2023). The generic, called Acetaminophen, costs around $0.12/ea. This means that 30 tablets of this generic OTC is $3.6.


Kroger is also a reliable supplier of the brand prescription and OTC drugs and their respective generics. The corporate location is 3200 Lake Emma Road, Suite 1000. Lake Mary, FL 32746. Synthroid .05 mg at Kroger costs $84.57 (Kroger, 2023). The cost of Levothyroxine 0.5mg for a supply of 30 tablets is $11.99. The cost of Tylenol at this pharmacy is $4.79. Its generic, (Acetaminophen), costs $3.00 (Kroger, 2023).

Honeybee Pharmacy

The pharmacy can be found at the following address: 3515 Helms Avenue, Culver City, CA 90232. Synthroid .05 mg at this facility usually costs around $88.60 (Honeybee, 2023). Levothyroxine 0.5mg costs $12.00 for a supply of 30 tablets. The cost of Tylenol at this pharmacy is $17. The cost for its generic, (Acetaminophen), is $7.00 (Honeybee, 2023).

Walmart Pharmacy

Walmart Pharmacy can be found at the following address: 8333 Van Nuys Blvd, Panorama City, CA 91402. The cost of Synthroid .05 mg is $53.32. Levothyroxine 0.5mg is available at $4 for 30 tablets at the pharmacy. Besides, the cost of Tylenol is $6.72. Its generic, (Acetaminophen), costs $11.23 (SingleCare, 2023). Nursing homework help

Comparing the Costs

The Synthroid brand’s cost in each pharmacy is higher than that of the generic Levothyroxine. As such, purchasing Levothyroxine offers significant cost savings. Nevertheless, for both options, Walmart Pharmacy is cheaper than the other outlets. The OTC Tylenol 500 mg is expensive relative to the Acetaminophen except in Walmart Pharmacy, where it is the reverse. Walmart Pharmacy offers the lowest price for Tylenol. Walgreens is the most cost-effective for Acetaminophen.


Generics are a cost-effective choice when considering the cost of prescription and over-the-counter medications. Walmart Pharmacy consistently offers competitive prices across all medications discussed. This makes the pharmacy a budget-friendly option for consumers. Nevertheless, individuals must assess their healthcare needs and consult with professionals when selecting the most suitable medication. Additionally, pricing may vary by location and over time. Therefore, consumers should verify the current prices at their preferred pharmacy for the most accurate information.




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