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Write a 2- to 3-page paper that addresses the following:

  • Describe the normal pathophysiology of gastric acid stimulation and production. Explain the changes that occur to gastric acid stimulation and production with GERD, PUD, and gastritis disorders.
  • Explain how the factor you selected might impact the pathophysiology of GERD, PUD, and gastritis. Describe how you would diagnose and prescribe treatment of these disorders for a patient based on the factor you selected.
  • Construct a mind map for gastritis. Include the epidemiology, pathophysiology, and clinical presentation, as well as the diagnosis and treatment you explained in your paper.

Using information from evidence based findings found in current professional resources; respond to the following.

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  • Describe one potential reason for the lack of skin-to-skin contact being implemented within institutions?
  • Describe two (2) benefits to the newborn for skin-to-skin contact.  Describe the physiologic effects associated with each benefit.
  • Describe how the registered nurse can promote skin-to-skin contact within healthcare institutions.
  • 350 words do not include references, citation in the text in the 350.
  • APA format
  • References not more than 5 year

Nurse Practitioner Roles in Multidisciplinary Teams

1. Describe a clinical experience that includes multidisciplinary care.

2. Explain your role as the advanced practice nurse in these experiences.

3. Include why your role is important to the holistic care of patients.

4. Explain how these experiences will inform your future clinical practice in acute care settings.

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