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Pharmacology Assignment Paper

Pharmacology Assignment Paper

Pharmacology Assignment
Assignment Instructions
Part 1: Health Teaching Infographic
Create a health teaching infographic. You may choose your own topic for this assignment based on your personal interests. choose a disease/ illness and explain its pharmacological treatment using your infographic as a health teaching tool. Infographics are a visual representation of information, using pictures, graphs, and brief written content. They are useful in displaying a large amount information in an entertaining and eye-catching manner that make it easy for the reader to digest and absorb. Infographic must be created online, and should be no larger than 1 page. You may not use any part of an infographic that has already been created for your topic. Please ensure you maintain academic integrity and reference your research. Ensure you are providing in text citations as well as a reference page. Pharmacology Assignment Paper


Get creative!
Infographic must include:
• Brief etiology of disease of choice
• Risk factors for developing disease
• Signs/ symptoms of disease
• Common classifications of medications used for this clinical indication
* Should note 3 main classifications of drugs to treat your illness
* Choose one drug in the identified classification and present the following:
• Mechanism of action
• Therapeutic responses
• Adverse reactions
• What symptoms to immediately report
• Necessary safety information
• Special monitoring (if applicable)
* Lab monitoring, serum levels – be specific and note the values
Helpful resources of how to create an infographic:

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Part 2: Health Teaching Questions
Consider using your Health Teaching Infographic as a tool to provide education to your clients. For this portion of the assignment, please answer the questions noted in the below section. Ensure you are using full sentences and referencing where your information is coming from.  Pharmacology Assignment Paper. You should be using references that pertain to teaching and learning. Acceptable sources are your textbook (Canadian Fundamentals of Nursing by Potter et al., 6th Edition) and online nursing journals that can be accessed through the library. At least two references should be from a nursing journal and pertain to teaching and learning. Ensure you are using in-text citations, these must be noted on your reference page. Your answers to these questions should not be longer than one page, double spaced. Be thorough and concise with your responses!

Health Teaching Questions
1) Who is this information intended for?
2) What client assessments would you complete before delivering your health teaching?
3) How can using your infographic as a health education tool benefit the client?
4) How will you know that learning has occurred? Pharmacology Assignment Paper


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