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After reading the article in the Weekly Guide/Week 4, complete the qualitative methodologic matrix that includes the following criteria: ARTICLE TO USE: McAndrew, N. S., & Leske, J. S. (2015). A balancing act: Experiences of nurses and physicians when making end-of-life decisions in intensive care units. Clinical Nursing Research, 24(4), 357-374.

1.      Complete the qualitative methodologic matrix below utilizing the heading presented.

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2.      Information should be in bulleted format, not narrative paragraphs-DO NOT DOUBLE SPACE!!

3.      Include a title page and reference page. The qualitative methodologic matrix should be in landscape page design whereas the title page and reference should be in portrait page design. Complete in Microsoft Word 

4.      APA format is required (attention to spelling/grammar, a title page, and reference page). The assignment does not require an introduction, purpose statement, or conclusion.

5.      Submit to the Assignment Dropbox by the posted due date.  

Author/YearResearch DesignPurpose Research QuestionSample Method/ SizeTheoretical ModelData Collection

Assignment 5: Qualitative Matrix Grading Rubric (6 points)

CriteriaMax PointsPoints AchievedComments
Research Design1  
Purpose of the Study1  
Research Question1  
Theoretical Model 1  
Method/Sample Size1  
Data Collection1  
APA format up to 10% deduction (-0.6)   
Up to 10% deduction of the assignment grade for errors in APA style: title page, references, grammar, spelling, and format

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