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The Purpose of this assignment is to formulate a clinical question that will be the basis for the quality improvement proposal you will be beginning this semester. Part 2 of this proposal will be developed in NURS 495.Consider the type of patient care issue that you would like to learn more about. You can also refer to the National Database of Nursing Quality Indicators for a list of possible topics to research. Please use patient Falls for this assignment. Describe the background of the question, present the question using the PICOT format, and discuss your rationale for selecting this question. The paper should be no more than 3 pages (not including title page and references). Please keep in mind, when you are completing the second part of your Quality Improvement Project in NURS 495, you will need to develop a business plan to implement the findings you have found in the literature. Be sure to select a patient care topic that you will allow you to develop a plan for implementation. Your Paper will be based on the following criteria:Assignment #1: PICOT Question and Justification
Due Date 
Jan 29, 2017 11:59 PM

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Rubric Name: Assignment #1: PICOT Question and Justification

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     CriteriaLevel 3Level 2Level 1Clinical Question30 points

(21-30 points)The question is explicit, and clearly and succinctly stated20 points

(10-20 points)The question is somewhat clearly and succinctly stated. 9 points

(0-9 points)The question is evident in the paper’s main points, but not well stated.PICOT Format30 points

(21-30 points)Paper contains all five components accurately. 20 points

(10-20 points)Paper contains at least three components accurately. 9 points

(0-9 points)Paper contains at least one of the components accuratelyRationale for Question30 points

(21-30 points)Rationale for selection of question is explicit, clear, and logical. 20 points

(10-20 points)Rationale for selection of question is somewhat explicit, clear, and logical9 points

(0-9 points)Rationale for selection of question is not explicit, clear, and/or logicalSpelling, sentance structure, Organization, Grammar10 points

(7-10 points)Excellent spelling, sentence structure and grammar throughout the paper. Excellent organization and easy to read.6 points

(3-6 points)Some spelling, sentence structure and grammar errors. Paper generally is readable. Some organization problems2 points

(0-2 points)Many spelling, sentence structure, and grammar mistakes throughout the paper. Difficult to read with very little organization.Overall ScoreLevel 3
67 or more
Level 2
30 or more
Level 1
0 or more

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