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Matrix Table (Healthcare) USE TOPIC GIVEN Nursing homework help

Matrix Table (Healthcare) USE TOPIC GIVEN Nursing homework help

  • For this assignment, you must complete a matrix table for three research articles (see template provided below).
  • You will be identifying the following to complete the table:
    • Articles/reference (in APA format)
    • Purpose of the article/Study question
    • Variables (i.e. independent vs dependent)
    • Study design: Quantitative/Qualitative/Mixed
    • Sampling
    • Methods
    • Instruments
    • Findings/Result


  • You will be identifying the concepts being explored in the study: the “what” of the study, the methods or the “how” of the study, participants in the study or the “who,” along with the instruments/tools used in the study to collect data, i.e., surveys, interviews, etc. Matrix Table (Healthcare) USE TOPIC GIVEN Nursing homework help
  • Lastly, you will state the findings of the study.
  • Remember, the studies should support your ideas and should be less than five (5) years old.
  • They should not be from the Web, but from the library databases. Use the resources found in the library.
  • In addition, you must follow APA 7th edition guidelines when documenting the reference in the first column.
  • Please use, at minimum three scholarly references for this assignment.


Topic and 3 articles that were used previously TOPIC:  Healthcare Equity among the Elderly in Europe · Article 1: “ Equity in healthcare access and service coverage for older people: a scoping review of the conceptual literature. “The article evaluates the various interventions on health equity, impact on health outcomes, healthcare access, and reductions in health disparities.· Article 2: “Evaluating Policy Reforms for Healthcare Equity Among the Elderly in Europe”It investigates the impact of policy reforms on health disparities and access to healthcare services.· Article 3: “Socioeconomic Factors and Health Outcomes Among European Elderly: A Critical Analysis of Healthcare Equity Policies”It critically examines the role of socioeconomic factors in healthcare equity and disparities.  Matrix Table (Healthcare) USE TOPIC GIVEN Nursing homework help

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Matrix Table (Healthcare) USE TOPIC GIVEN Nursing homework help
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